20 Times Kids Had to Use Their Own Logic to Crack This World

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2 years ago

Kids are inventive. Your daughter may take a small bite of a banana to mark it as her territory and put it back, or your son can bring a Rolex home from school as a part of a trust exercise with his classmates. You never know how their pure childish way of thinking will work.

We at Bright Side cherish every funny moment with kids and are sharing 20 pics that show how children attempt to explore our world.

1. “My 3-year-old insisted on making me breakfast.”

2. “My 2-year-old daughter did this and put it back with the others when she was done marking her territory.”

3. “No, that’s not how it works.”

4. “My daughter is a master at hide and seek.”

5. “After I told my little brother to stop throwing his controller... 5 minutes later, I hear a bang and I see him crying, and the TV looked like this.”

6. “My daughter gets one specific chair to eat in. Can you tell which one?”

7. “Told my daughter to put her toothbrush away.”

8. “Thanks, son.”

9. “A drawing of Santa by 6-year-old me”

10. This kid is going places.

11. “My daughter thought she could jump higher by adding more socks.”

12. “Daughter asked me to color with her. Took a bathroom break and she decided to make my Anna drawing ’better.’”

13. “My son said he had no idea how it got in there.”

14. “My elementary school-aged son said his friend gave him a cool watch for a trust exercise and told him to bring it back tomorrow.”

15. “My daughter’s hide and seek spots are improving.”

16. “My daughter said the bagel wouldn’t fit in the toaster, so I told her to cut it in half.”

17. “I wrote this about my dad when I was mad at him when I was 6. He soon found it and has kept it in a drawer at work to laugh at for the last 23 years.”

18. “My kid turned off the deep freeze. Now I have to cook all this.”

19. “Things I fished out of my subwoofer today”

20. “My friend’s kid decided to make his own popsicle.”

How does your kid crack the code to this world? Do you have a funny story about you in childhood or about your own kids? Please share it with us!

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