5 Celebrities Who Forgot How Rich They Are

2 years ago

No matter how famous and rich they are, some celebrities prefer to live like ordinary people. When they aren’t in the spotlight, they choose to live a more down-to-earth life, and some of them even count their pennies just like we do.

We at Bright Side think there’s a lot we can learn from these celebrities, whose ways of living prove that there’s not that much difference between some rich and poor people.

1. Bill Gates

One of the wealthiest people in the world is a walking lesson on how to live humbly. A photo of Bill Gates patiently waiting in line to get his favorite burger went viral overnight. Standing in line just like a regular person wasn’t the only time when the founder of Microsoft set a good example for all of us to follow. One of the most influential people in Silicon Valley says he still washes his dishes himself: “I do the dishes every night — other people volunteer but I like the way I do it.”

2. Sarah Michelle Gellar

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer star is well known for living modestly. Despite having a net worth of $30 million, Gellar knows the value of a dollar and is a self-proclaimed bargain shopper. “On sale doesn’t mean it’s bad! And I clip coupons all the time,” the actress says.

3. Mariska Hargitay

The star of the hugely successful Law & Order drama series revealed that before she booked the role of detective Olivia Benson, money was very tight for her. “I had a lot of credit card debt,” she said. “When you’re an actor, money comes and goes, but now I have learned to hang on to it. I don’t buy above my means,” she added.

4. Hilary Swank

The Million Dollar Baby actress’s journey to success is one of the most inspiring of Hollywood’s rags-to-riches stories. When Swank was a teenager, her parents got divorced, her mother couldn’t afford to rent an apartment, and they lived out of their car for a little while. Despite winning 2 Oscars and spending years in the spotlight, Swank still lives relatively cheaply. “My closet is a hodgepodge,” she says. “You don’t have to have a brand name on to be stylish.”

5. Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth often recycles her outfits and is known for her frugal ways of living. She uses a heater that your grandma can easily afford, reuses wrapping paper and ribbons, and has banned light bulbs that are more than 40 watts in order to save on electricity bills. “She is careful with money and always watches the pennies. She has got handbags which she has had for 30 or 40 years and which she continues to use,” palace insiders reveal.

Whose frugal habits impressed you the most? Which of these ways to save money do you think are worth giving a try?

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u can check person name by ebit lew .. he's really a very good role model to follow ..


Jimmy Carter, didn't care for him as president but I have the upmost respect for the man.


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