20 Photos That Prove All You Need for a Masterpiece Is Just the Right Moment

2 years ago

Some photos are masterpieces of aesthetics, like a beautiful shot of the night sky. Others are masterpieces of humor and comedic timing like a cat and an old lady falling asleep together over a boring book. And the third type of masterpiece provides us with little insides into a part of the world we’ve never previously seen, like weird shadows and reflections.

Bright Side believes anyone can be a photographer, so we collected 20 golden pics to inspire the aspiring photogs among us.

1. That bear is just beside itself.

2. “Elk with an attitude. First, he stuck his tongue out at us after standing in the road forever! Then had the audacity to give us his best side shot!”

3. “Rainbow formed from an indoor waterfall.”

4. “Unexpectedly awesome picture of my son. Looked like the James Bond opening credits.”

5. “The way these books were arranged.”

6. “My 1977 Triumph Spitfire next to a couple of Fords on 44’s.”

7. “Piranha plant fig in my friend’s garden”

8. “The way the shadow of my Legos gets cast on the couch in the evening.”

9. “Took a picture of a water droplet and found it quite fascinating, so I wanted to share it.”

10. “This stripe of ivy in an alley where 2 buildings let some light through”

11. “This little dude managed to open my pizza delivery within 20 seconds of delivery drop off.”

12. “This bubble that landed on my cactus”

13. “A squirrel won today.”

14. “The door into my work casts a solid rainbow for a few minutes in the mornings.”

15. “The way the umbrellas reflect in the windshields”

16. “I took my 96-year-old grandma to the petting zoo today. She made a new friend!”

17. “This snake is visiting my parents’ house.”

18. “Don’t think I’ll ever get another shot like it ever! Taken at Portland, Dorset.”

19. “This complete, mini-rainbow showed up in front of my mom’s house.”

20. “That’s one cold fish.”

What amazing shots have you taken? Share them with us!

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Preview photo credit vacattack / reddit


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