20 Pics That Prove Pets Are All Sugar and Spice Until They Turn Into a Sour Lemon Drop

2 years ago

“What are you eating?” are 4 words that set dread in any pet owner’s heart. Yes, our furballs are sure the best and loveliest and the most precious, but when you realize you haven’t seen your cat in a while, you just know it’s up to no good. Pets will ravage your kitchen and then look at you with the most innocent eyes, saying, “Oh no! Who could do such a thing?” as if they weren’t tearing through a garbage bag just a minute earlier.

Bright Side can’t get enough of our furry friends, so we gathered 20 photos of the most mischievous of them for you.

1. “He’s busy working on his next metal album.”

2. “Google made a panorama of my cat collectively stealing my husband’s pants out of his closet.”

3. “My dogs decided to eat a pen today.”

4. “I’d like to present the most boring book in the world.”

5. “Got married last week, and our dog decided to steal the show by scooting his butt down the aisle.”

6. “I guess my puppy doesn’t know how big he is anymore.”

7. “Something weird is growing in my bell pepper plant.”

8. “Because walking around the sign would be too easy.”

9. “There was no hole in the tree. I have no idea what he did with his nose. He just decided to climb the tree and cram his nose into it.”

10. “He knows he’s not supposed to do this.”

11. “Framing our best picture”

12. “Came into the kitchen and found my cat balancing this can on the edge of the counter.”

13. “Lady Bird is obsessed with my mustache, and Blue Bell is content to just scream.”

14. “Could you really not find another place to sleep?”

15. “The reason my friend needs an expensive bladeless fan.”

16. “He heard a bird in the chimney.”

17. “Um...Dad? I made a mistake. I forgot to tune it first...”

18. “Spy’s (my doberman) favorite seat is on Skeletor’s head.”

19. “They don’t bite, but they will judge you.”

20. “He’s eating my sandwich while standing on the piece of bread I gave him.”

What criminal offenses have your pets committed? Share your photos and stories with us!

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Preview photo credit UrbanGeographer / reddit


yep my cat sleeps in flower pots just like this too 🙄🙄🙄
doing in #19 look like they have just done something and feel guilty

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