15 Photos That Could Trick You at First Glance in a Masterful Way

3 years ago

The art of photography is something that has never ceased to amaze us since it was first discovered. We can take shots of unique family members and magic moments to remember later on. But we can also capture strange or misleading scenes that will become pictures to remember because of the number of questions they raised.

Bright Side put together a selection of these kinds of shoots to see if they confuse you at first glance too.

1. “So my sister bought her dog a new ball for Christmas.”

2. “The mirror reflection spooked me this morning.”

3. A not-so-happy Christmas tree, but extremely fluffy!

4. “I genuinely thought my car was hovering over the parking spot.”

5. “My horse looking like her head has been stuck onto 2 sticks...”

6. This girl’s real teeth could easily be mistaken for a vampire’s.

7. “The rain dripping on my outdoor workbench leg made this!”

8. The lamp reflected in these lenses creates a peculiar optical illusion known by many.

9. “A dog playing video games...”

10. This is not a cobweb or foam on pasta. It’s mold on pasta.

11. “My dog giving my mom and sister a ride across the beach on his ears”

12. No, it isn’t a desktop mouse with water drops on it, it’s a dirty eggplant with dried drops.

13. It looks like this dog’s tongue is sticking out of his nose.

14. Is it the tree or its surroundings that are crooked?

15. This fence is smoking, not because it’s burning, but because it rained the day before and the heat is drying it out.

Have you taken any photos that are misleading at first glance? Show them to the community!


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