15 Photos That Haven’t Been Photoshopped, Even Though It’s Hard to Believe in It

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The amazing things in these photos aren’t a result of the magic of an editing program. Let’s just say if you’ve never seen a Cheshire dog or a carpet that people are too scared to step on, then it’s high time you check out this compilation!

Bright Side has collected photos of users that were lucky enough to capture the perfect moment at just the right time.

This overexposed photo makes the dog’s head look like it’s floating in the air.

A gecko that got trapped in amber 54 million years ago

“Took a picture of my daughter walking through a tunnel and the lighting made it look like a bad Photoshop job.”

“The intensity of this rainbow refracted through my aquarium.”

No Photoshop. Just strong snowfall and a cross-country vehicle sitting behind an old church...

The “Pink Pearl” apple

Because of the anti-mosquito net and rain, the landscape outside the window looked like a painting.

A carpet that very few people dare to step on

“My friends and I were messing around with cigarettes and bubbles and managed to get this shot!”

What hundreds of crows resting in the snow at night look like:

“I happened to catch this photo of a snowflake on my daughter’s eyelash.”

The Tree of Life in South Africa. It is 2000 years old.

“Changed the perspective of the picture by 90 degrees and now it looks like the movie, Inception.”

“This rose grew in my garden.”

Simultaneous rainbow and lightning

Bonus: This father and daughter really have hair like this.

Have you ever managed to take a picture that seemed like it was Photoshopped? Please share your masterpieces in the comments!

Preview photo credit bsurfn2day/Reddit, marsypan/Reddit


the girl walking up the tube is not photo shop. i took a closer look, and saw that its one of those old tunnels kids climb at like Remlinger farms. or some other farm like place.

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