15 Photos That Only the Quick-Witted Among Us Can Explain

4 years ago

Internet users often publish photos that would have been too puzzling if it were not for their captions. We decided to find these photos and would like to offer you a chance to solve these riddles yourself. Perhaps, some our readers will find these questions too simple, while others will have to think hard to find the answers. Anyway, all of you will have to rack your brain when trying to figure out what that weird track on the pavement is.

At Bright Side, we love riddles, especially those that life itself has prepared for us. Will you be able to figure out the following 15 photo questions?

1. Let’s start with a simple one. Which shoe does this man take off first?

2. Where are the elevator’s call buttons?

3. Why does this concrete structure have angle bars?

4. How many volumes of this trilogy has their owner finished reading?

5. What’s this?

6. What has the owner of this belt achieved?

7. What are these guys doing?

8. Why is one part of this lawn covered with frost, and the other one isn’t?

9. What is this semicircular table for?

10. Who left this barely visible trace in the shape of a curved line?

11. Why is this piece of wood so deformed?

12. How did this big pile of snow get there?

13. Why does the grass grow faster on this part of the lawn?

14. What do you think is happening to the girl in this picture?

15. What happened here?



The man takes off the left shoe first, helping with his right one.


The call buttons are inside the book on the shelf.


Metal rivets and bars like these are placed on different parking and architectural structures to keep skateboarders from riding on them.


The owner of this trilogy finished almost 1.5 volumes. Pay attention to the creases on the back of the books. The first volume was finished, the second volume was read approximately to the middle, the third volume is untouched.


These are gray hairs under a microscope.


This man lost weight. Pay attention to the marks on his belt. While he was losing weight, he wore the same belt and gradually pulled it tighter.


These guys are waiting for their significant others who are shopping. This photo was taken in Zara, in New York City.


Grass is like our hair. The longer it is, the more warm air it holds. Look at the photo. The frost is only on the cut grass.


This is a ping-pong table.


This is an ant path. While moving, ants leave a pheromone trace behind. Other ants will follow this trace. The more ants that walk this path, the bigger the concentration of pheromones that is there. Meaning that even more insects will use this path. Thus, soon this path becomes visible to people.


This cat has sharpened its claws against this piece of wood for 14 years.


This is an entrance to the army canteen. Before entering, soldiers clean their boots from snow against the bar below. That’s why that snow pile is there.


The dog that belongs to the author of this photo regularly does its deeds on this part of the lawn.


The girl is hoola-hooping.


2 kids were walking: a younger boy to the left and an older girl to the right. The boy fell, so the girl picked him up and carried him in her arms.

Which of these photos took the most of your time to figure out? And which was the easiest one? Tell us in the comments below.

Preview photo credit ingenuitease / reddit


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Picture #8 answer is wrong. There is no frost on half the neighbor's lawn because they washed their driveway and watered the lawn. You can see the wet footpath too. They only did it on their property.


14. WRONG! The girl is screaming after being run through the gut with a javelin, thrown by the sociopathic boy standing on the box.


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