15+ Photos That Prove Life in London Is Anything but Boring

2 years ago

The capital of the Foggy Albion is really charming and magnetic. London is actually ranked number one on the list of the most magnetic cities in the world. But it is much more than just double-deckers, Buckingham Palace, and the royal family.

Bright Side is going to show you life in the British capital the way people living there see it.

“I recently moved to London and I’m finding the locals to be a bit too friendly...”

In some parts of London, there are pipes like this. It’s part of the sewers.

They’re tall to ensure pedestrians don’t smell any of the gas being released.

“The old vs new contrast always seems to amaze me.”

“Sometimes I feel trapped here.”

“I made a new version of my ’London Eye time slice,’ made from 40 slices over 3 hours.”

“A road on my work commute is eroding and starting to expose the old cobblestone street.”

“A foggy morning in London with a bit of sunlight equates to a ghost building on my walk to work.”

“Excuse me, mate, you don’t live here!”

A smartphone repair office inside a telephone box north of Holborn station

Some bus stops are turned away from the roads. Also, the benches there are really thin so that nobody sleeps on them.

The British people dress post boxes.

You can see these things in London streets. They were made in the nineteenth century so that nobody would pee on the buildings.

Welcome to the best bathroom in London!

This building seems to be melting...

Dogs are really calm here.

“Mom? London isn’t what I thought it would be. I want to come home.”

In London, there are cafes that give jobs to homeless people and help them get their normal lives back.

“I was looking at places in London and saw this. The front door is a window?”

Tower Bridge at dawn

Have you ever been to London? What did you like most about the British capital?

Preview photo credit ItsJayB / Reddit


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London is England's version of New York City. The only person who could make me live there is God himself.


I would be so scared if I was in between those 2 busses, I already freak out when there is a single truck next to me because I am scared it will fall over 😂


I hate london. it's so busy and crazy! got cursed by a woman because I didnt pay her 10 pounds for a rose twice in one walk! literally started chanting scary things. terrified my kids, then got frog marched to a bank machine by a man who wouldnt accept the change I offered him and only wanted notes. never happened in my home city.


I don’t like how benches are manipulated anywhere around the world to prevent homeless people from sleeping on them without solving simultaneous the problem of homelessness.


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