20 Photos That Prove the World Is Full of Surprises and It’s Not Hard to Find Them

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Occasionally, the universe glitches, or it’s just nature showing us its awesome photoshop skills. Whatever you want to call it, the effect is always the same — eyes wide open and a quick movement towards your phone. These 18 people were chosen to witness something we don’t get to see in a month, let alone a year.

Bright Side shows you moments captured by people who got the gifts of nature.

1. “My sister found this tiny egg inside her hard boiled egg.”

2. “My cat has 13 little fingers.”

3. “Golf ball size hail today”

4. “A condemned apartment complex on my way to work had a tree growing out the side of it.”

5. “Witnessed an unusually large banana”

6. “Saw this weird cloud while running.”

7. “This moth has spots that look like skulls.”

8. “My two very different thumbs.”

9. “Some bees decided to make a hive in between the window and the shutters.”

10. “What a sweet potato bird”

11. “I found this humongous strawberry that looks like two fused into one.”

12. “This tiny frog I found on my elderberry tree.”

13. “Seedpods that look like tiny skulls”

14. “There’s an exposed coal seam in the cliff at my local beach.”

15. “The pad of butter I was using for my toast looks like a parrot.”

16. “My pepper is ready to fight.”

17. “I found a mushroom that looks like a little owl.”

18. “This is what a newborn pigeon looks like.”

19. “The building looks semi-transparent due to reflection.”

20. The smallest mammal — the bumblebee bat.

Which of these things have you witnessed in real life too? What have you recently seen that made your jaw drop?


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