14 Tips and Life Hacks That Everyone Should Know About

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2 years ago

A few clever life hacks and shortcuts can make our everyday lives much easier, safer, and more enjoyable. But figuring all these tips and tricks out on our own isn’t always possible. Some imaginative people decided to post their findings and little tricks on the internet, once again proving the saying that “sharing is caring.”

We at Bright Side decided to make a list of 14 helpful life hacks that can come in handy in everyday situations.

1. At a public toilet, always use the inside of the toilet paper.

2. If you forgot to use deodorant, pat your armpits dry and use hand sanitizer on the area to kill the bacteria that causes the smell.

3. Not sharing your toothbrush is a no-brainer, but you shouldn’t share your hairbrush, water bottle, lipstick, or razor either.

4. Don’t leave your toothbrush on your sink uncovered. Put it in a cabinet or cover it with a plastic bag.

5. Put tape on your nail trimmer, so the clippings stick to it and don’t fly all over the place.

6. Put your phone in a glass jug when you want to amplify the sound and don’t have speakers.

7. If you have a small oven, you can cut your pizza in halves and place them like this:

8. Hate picking meals to cook? Make a list of all your favorites and roll a dice to choose what to eat.

9. Use a plastic hair tie to keep your necklaces from tangling.

10. Store mushrooms in a paper bag and put them in the fridge so they’ll last longer. Make sure you don’t wash them before.

11. You can secure a towel by folding the top of it down twice, creating a belt.

12. To make sure you’re sewing in a straight line, mark the nail on your thumb with two small lines.

13. If you need to travel with your pet often, treat their carrier as a pet-house so they’ll get used to it and won’t stress about the trip.

14. If you have a splinter in your skin, wrap banana peel around it and secure it with tape. You’ll be able to easily remove the splinter in a few hours.

What’s the best life hack you’ve ever discovered? Share it with us in the comment section below!


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