15 Photos That Prove Some People Are Light-Years Ahead

2 years ago

Henry Ford said that if he would have asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses, not cars. Yep, some people just see further into the future than others. And the internet is full of them.

Bright Side is going to show you 15 people with such far-fetched out-of-the-box thinking we’re sure they’re basically time-travelers sent by Skynet.

1. This guy has built a small village on top of his car.

2. “Wind chime made of forks”

3. “This ‘life hack’ a friend sent me”

4. “Owning the aerodynamics”

5. “Found this in my basement: a pan taped to chair legs.”

6. “An antique phone upcycled into a lamp”

7. “My mom’s necklace holder”

8. “An egg timer that shows you how hard your egg is by cooking it with the egg.”

9. “Somebody added a cast-iron skillet to their brick wall.”

10. “The table in the tractor museum is made out of a tractor engine.”

11. “My town’s municipal service cut down a tree that was threatening to fall on the road and made a bench out of the trunk.”

12. “Class with no glass”

13. “LP Record ’bowl,’ found at the Goodwill I work at”

14. “I made a spoon clip so that your spoon won’t fall into your cereal/soup.”

15. “An inside out and back to front cycle”

Have you ever crafted a cool new gadget yourself? Tell us the story.

Preview photo credit blackoutlolyt / Reddit


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