I Refused to Sleep in Another Room Even Though Our Baby Couldn’t Fall Asleep

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6 months ago

Having a baby can really shake things up in a relationship and it often comes as a shock for some couples. One of our readers was choosing between his own sleep and the sleep of his baby. The decision stirred a whirlwind of emotions in his loved one and now our reader feels guilty about it.

One of our readers asked us for help.

Either insist the baby be in another room so you can sleep well, or practice infection control. Even if the baby was in another room, coughing near your wife means she and the baby will get it.


Thank you for reaching out to us! We have some tips that might come in handy.

Apologize to your wife.

Let your wife know that you regret your recent decision and apologize sincerely to her. Admit that you should have been more considerate. Express your concern for her and the baby’s overall health and emotional well-being. Understand that she faces a lot of challenges daily. Assure her that you recognize the toll it may be taking on her.

Give her a helping hand.

Apart from apologizing, consider helping your wife. Your active involvement can make a big difference. Designate specific times where you can take over baby duties completely, allowing your wife some uninterrupted time for rest or personal activities, whether it’s feeding, changing diapers or putting the baby to sleep.

Besides, you might want to hire a babysitter for a few hours or ask your family and friends for help. This can provide your wife with occasional breaks and the chance to recharge. Encouraging your wife to take up a hobby, enjoy a relaxing bath or simply take a quiet moment for herself.

Be grateful to her.

Expressing gratitude is a powerful way to strengthen any relationship. Notice your wife’s dedication and hard work. Say something like, “Your efforts don’t go unnoticed”. It might not seem like a lot, but it can mean so much to her.

You might also want to surprise her with some small gifts — her favorite treat, flowers, or a cute postcard. These gestures don’t have to be big and expensive — it’s the thought and effort behind them that matter.

Consider buying one more bed.

Buying an additional cot can be a thoughtful and practical solution. Put it in the living room so that your baby can sleep in another room too. Choose from various bed options that align with your space and budget. You can also find an alternative sleeping space for yourself that minimizes disruptions. Let your wife know it’s not a reflection of any emotional distance but just a practical solution.

Relationships and family life create a lot of curious and controversial stories. In this article, our reader’s friend takes too much care of her husband. Our reader is confused because her friend’s intentions are unclear. On the one hand, she helps her around the house. On the other, she has been doing it only for our reader’s husband.


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