15+ Photos That Prove the Japanese Are Way Ahead of the Curve

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Japan has always had a reputation for its distinctive culture and unique traditions. Anime cosplay, ancient shinto temples, and the elegant charm of geishas are just a few things that come to mind when thinking about Japan. But there are many other reasons why Japan is the most unique country in the world. Their inventions and solutions to everyday problems certainly prove that too.

We at Bright Side have collected our favorite innovations here to inspire and intrigue you. Maybe your next travel destination could be Japan.

An infant breastfeeding and sleep inducement device for fathers

A perfect travel buddy — self-moving suitcase and robot companion. It follows you wherever you go.

In some panoramic places there are supports to hold your smartphone so you can take beautiful selfies.

A shop where disabled parking access is remotely controlled to prevent incorrect use

A bedside lamp that can be half lit

Why not have a foot bath while enjoying the scenery on the Yamagata Shinkansen line?

Koi fish also live in some drainage canals in Japan which is evidence of their cleanliness.

A toilet in Japan with an information system that shows the occupied and free bathrooms.

Refrigerated lockers in a shopping center keep your perishable foods cool while you shop.

Smartphone wipe dispenser, to keep your phone’s screen clean

Child seats attached to the wall in the bathrooms are really useful for moms.

When you buy this gum in Japan there are pieces of paper included to spit it in when you have finished chewing it.

In some elevators there are seats that can be used as toilets in case of emergency.

There’s a magic button to slow down the taxi in case you prefer a slower speed.

Useful instructions in the dressing rooms prevent you from staining your clothes with makeup.

The Japanese have an enormous respect for rules, which can also be seen by watching people climb the stairs.

Have you ever been to Japan? What do you think of these innovations? Which one is the most useful? Share your opinion with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Dentsu


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They pay so much attention to the smallest details, it's crazy!
I would love t visit Japan to see and try these features myself :)


They also have kid sized urinals in women’s bathrooms for mothers to bring their boys with them.


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