15 Photos That Prove True Affection Only Grows With Time

3 years ago

Be it a dog reuniting with its owner after years or a couple who has lived decades of their life together, there are some bonds that are so precious, they are not affected by time. If anything, they only grow stronger and give us hope that when we take care of the things and the people we love, they stick with us until the end.

Bright Side has put together 15 photos of lasting love that will warm you up like a cozy blanket.

1. My dad was worried my deaf-blind dog wouldn’t recognize him after a year but I think she did.

2. “This is my dad’s friend since he was 15, 40+ years of friendship.”

3. My dad drilled a hole in a piece of wood to hide a ring box for my mom.

4. “Same spot, different food, 18 years apart.”

5. “My mom and dad on the eve of their 73rd wedding anniversary”

6. “My wife and her mom at 6 months — 1989, my daughter and my wife today”

7. When I was 2 I gave my dad a stuffed beluga whale to hold whenever he missed me.18 years later, he still brings it to work every day.

8. “My hubby and I met on Reddit. We’ve been married for 3.5 years now.”

9. My parents in 1977. After my dad passed away, mom never dated or remarried because “there could never be another Oscar Joseph Washington.”

10. The love of these brothers over the years...

11. “After years of my dad tucking us (5 kids) in as either a mummy or a mermaid, I asked him what he wanted. Mermaid it is!”

12. My grandparents on their 65th anniversary. Goals.

13. “My mom made this for me!”

14. “I found out he still looks at me the same way as when we started dating 5 years ago. Dating vs Wedding day.”

15. “76 years of marriage. Last picture of them holding hands. She was 98, he is 101.”

How long have you and the person you love the most been together? Expand our list and share your photos with us in the comments below!

Preview photo credit Bryan1825 / Reddit


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