15 Photos That Seem to Have Come Straight Out of a Fantasy Flick

year ago

Some things look so extraordinary we might doubt they’re real. It may be hard to wrap your head around the fact that nature or people can be so skilled at creating little masterpieces. Sometimes the former even surpasses the latter in terms of creativity. In any case, both do amaze us at times — just take a look at these 15 photos.

1. “I can get my hands to do these weird formations.”

2. “I found 5-inch safety pins.”

3. “Nosey cat.”

4. “The rare neckless pelican.”

5. “A cloud that looks like a hat.”

6. “Dog reading a pamphlet on the bus.”

7. “Frozen cobwebs I found at my house today”

8. “The ceiling lights in this medical test lab are in the form of an electrocardiogram (ECG).”

9. “I’m being judged by my breakfast.”

10. “My fridge shot out a completely gray ice cube.”

11. “Got a picture of a lighting bolt and a rainbow at the same time.”

12. “My old ricotta I had forgotten in the fridge turned vivid violet.”

13. “The way the cloud fell down from the other cloud a few days ago”

14. “Mold on cream cheese”

15. “This huge clove of garlic”

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen? How often do you find cool stuff?


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The 5inch safety pins (2) are used by welders to hold rod pouches together for 2 different types of welding rods. Can be purchased at most welding supply stores.


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