15 Photos That Will Make You Look at Things From a Different Angle

2 years ago

In this hectic world, we often don’t have enough time to notice the peculiarity of some things. Luckily, hawk-eyed Reddit users managed to capture the extraordinary. Thanks to them, we can now see some things a bit differently. Besides, we might even feel motivated to find something unusual around us too.

Bright Side picked 15 photos that will make you go, “Wait, what?”

1. “The dog is glowing gold from thousands of pats over centuries.”

2. “My vitiligo under a blacklight”

3. “This Saguaro cactus my parents planted 30 years ago.”

4. “My −14.75 prescription glasses”

5. “Our dog had a tick. Our dog’s tick also had a tick.”

6. “Heated driveway under construction”

7. “The nurse who did my lumbar puncture (spinal tap) in the hospital let me take a picture of my cerebral spinal fluid!”

8. “CT scanner but without all the white plastic covering it”

9. “Tree branch, after removing a rope that was wrapped around it”

10. “A fruit-fly walked across my chocolate peppermint Pattie as it cooled — leaving foot prints.”

11. “Found a very tall sunflower, I’m 5’10 for comparison.”

12. “Underground uranium glass exhibition from the old uranium mine of Kletno, Poland.”

13. “My transition contacts got temporarily stuck in dark mode after being left in the sun and cold.”

14. “Early morning in the corn field”

15. “This giant pinecone I have”

Do you have any interesting pictures? Have you noticed anything peculiar around you recently?

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Preview photo credit CuzNoOneElseDid / Imgur


ok, if this pine cone is that huge, how big is the tree then? 😮

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