15+ Photos That’ll Knock You Down With a Wave of Positivity

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According to psychologists, pictures have the capacity to make us feel happy, and if those images contain cute things like puppies or babies, that can even help us improve our performance at work. So now you have an excuse for the next time your boss catches you looking at sweet photos while working.

Our Bright Side team went looking for pics that will give you the extra boost that we all need.

1. “While filming a movie the wardrobe department accidentally shrunk a shirt. I obviously kept it for one reason.”

2. “I swear our Ralphie thinks he’s a human toddler as well.”

3. “This is the principal at my kids’ school, dressed as a
T. Rex, while being a crossing guard.”

4. “Buried my cat with a small shrub 2 years ago. Haven’t touched it. I looked out the window today. Cat has returned, it seems.”

5. “My daughter has been picking out her own clothes and watching her big brother get on the bus.”

6. “My definition of peace. A community where kids leave their bikes at the school bus stop.”

7. “My school has racks in the front office for kids to put their skateboards on during the day.”

8. “My dad has been trying to grow pineapples for the last year, today he succeeded, look at how proud he is.”

9. “This dog lives beside my sister’s school, he drops by and waits patiently for the kids to pet him.”

10. “My friend saved a baby deer from a coyote.”

11. “My niece got a puppy!”

12. “When my kids arrived at school today, it was reassuring to see Batman (the janitor) on the roof watching over them.”

13. “Just don’t change the channel that shows my favorite dream.”

14. “My Nana is visiting us and was sad she didn’t see a bear. This was my mom’s solution.”

15. “These are my grandparents. This is the last picture I have of them together, they loved to make orange juice together.”

16. “Ok, but how does our daughter look like Woody Harrelson?”

Which picture made you feel the happiest? When you’re feeling down, what can help you recover and feel joy again? Let us know in the comments.


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