15+ Pics That Speak Volumes About Love Without Any Words

2 years ago

Memories are like immortal melodies. They carry us as we move along our future through our beautiful moments with loved ones. Yet, some of them become milestones or turning points in our lives, and we want to remember them forever, like when we hold our soulmates as close as possible to our hearts.

Here at Bright Side, we made a small collection of those heartfelt moments. To us, each face told another story as they resonated with different snapshots of our lives.

1. “We started dating just for fun.”

2. “We started out with almost nothing and have built this life together.”

3. “My best friend and I got married.”

4. “Staying in to make Valentine’s Day gifts for a senior living center as part of my job.”

5. “My best friend, 21 years was not long enough. I’ll love you forever.”

6. “My grandpa has been very sick the last week, and my cat Buddy won’t leave his side.”

7. “2 more reasons why I can’t give up working from home...”

8. “My grandfather was in the hospital, so I made ’thank you cookies’ for his nurses.”

9. “My friend edited my prom picture for me. She said she wanted me to see how beautiful I really am.”

“This is the only time I’ve ever felt beautiful.”

10. “My partner took a picture of the way I was looking at him. I love how happy I look (because I am).”

11. “My local Planet Fitness recently put a new sign on the scale.”

12. “Art made for my wife — where we met, got married, and live”

13. “My siblings and I have managed to pay off our parents’ home. We’re surprising them later with the news and cake, lol!”

14. “My girlfriend (she’s my wife now) just finished knitting me my first handmade sweater!”

15. “A guy I was seeing who would make me cute lunches. He’s now my boyfriend, and the work lunches have not stopped!”

16. “My lab is obsessed with my boyfriend.”

17. “My adopted brother finally met his biological mother.”

What were some of the best moments that brightened your day?

Preview photo credit ImitableAnimal / Imgur


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