15 Pics That Are Sweeter Than a Birthday Cake

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The Internet has a special content category with cute pictures and videos. Light-hearted, heartwarming, and even silly at times, we often define such content as a waste of time. But studies have proven that looking at adorable pictures and watching cute animal videos can have a positive effect on us.

1. “The ferrets are unsure of the large ferret brother. But they share their salmon oil anyway.”

2. “A bit too big for the lap”

3. “My dog and goose are best friends. My goose constantly grooms my dog.”

4. “I do!!! My uncle proposed to my aunt again after 50 years of marriage.”

5. “My mom feeds strays.”

6. “My brother with Down Syndrome, holding his newborn great-niece on Christmas”

7. “She’s clearly the mom friend.”

8. “Reggie and Mister Alfie last winter, making sure their snoozing human wasn’t cold.”

9. “My grandpa turned 99 yesterday. He requested apple dumplings.”

10. “My cat made friends with a chipmunk.”

11. “I was able to find a picture of 5 generations of women in my family.”

12. “Jake has become friends with some ’big doggos’ after moving, and now they stop by every evening.”

13. “Yeah, that’s the spot.”

14. “My coworker brought her baby goat to work. She fell asleep in my arms.”

15. “This is Ben. He has a beard. And he is human-sized. We get funny looks in traffic.”

Which picture melted your heart the most? Do cute videos or photos make you feel better? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit 1GoldGuy1 / Imgur


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