15+ Pics That Prove How Creative the Human Body Can Be

2 years ago

Nature is full of surprises, especially when it comes to humans. But luckily for us, it has a much broader concept of beauty. Some people are simply born special and for their parents, friends, and loved ones, they are the most wonderful creatures in the world. It seems nothing will ever stop them from enjoying this life fully and embracing all the magnificent moments it brings.

We at Bright Side share all these values. And we have gathered some really inspiring pictures for you of the unbelievably wonderful people living around us.

1. “My little sister was born with 6 fingers.”

2. “Meet Benjamin! They were amazed by his hair.”

3. “My 6-month-old son was born with Microphthalmia and has glasses. His Halloween costume was an easy decision.”

4. “My niece was born with a full head of hair.”

5. What a beautiful little prince, mommy’s pure joy and happiness.

6. “Born with a birthmark on his forehead, which has grown hair faster than the rest. Doctors put him in a medical journal!”

7. “My daughter was born with heterochromia (one blue eye, one brown)”

8. “This was my real baby hair (not a wig).”

9. He has no neurological issues. But still, his parents can’t get him to smile normally. And you know what? That smile is awesome!

10. Amazing birthmark.

11. “A senior that graduated from my school was born with no nipples.”

12. “I was born with different colored eyelashes but the same colored eyes.”

13. “I was excited for my incisor adult teeth to grow in. 12 years later and I’m still waiting. At least I can make a beaver face.”

14. “I have a multi-colored iris. I’m really happy I was born with something that special!”

15. Baby born with a lucky hand.

16. “With that mark on her eye, she looks like a chosen warrior princess.”

17. “I was born with very short fingers.”

18. A mother painted on a replica of her son’s birthmark because she wanted him to feel like a ’normal baby’ - and she even kept it on at work.

Have you ever encountered anybody with a really extraordinary appearance before? Maybe you have some unusual features yourself? Please share your stories in the comments below.

Preview photo credit kingzope / reddit


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