15 Ordinary Things That Have More to Them Than Meets the Eye

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If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then we can really find it anywhere. A photographer, Charles Brooks, found it inside various musical instruments, and several Redditors found it in random details of their surroundings.

We at Bright Side collected the best of both worlds to share with you.

1. Inside a Selmer balanced action saxophone

This lovely sax has some years on it: it’s from the 1940s. At the time this photo was taken, it was hosted at the Neige Music Atelier in New Zealand.

2. The perfect gradient in this chili pepper

Bird’s eye chili peppers range from yellow to red, depending on how ripe they are when you pick them. This one, however, decided to be fabulous.

The burning feeling we get from eating them is because capsaicin irritates our mouths. Capsaicin is the chemical responsible for the “heat” of spicy foods. The peppers probably developed it to fight fungal infections that insects cause them to develop.

3. The gradient of these droplets on a car roof

The shimmery beads are leftover raindrops, and the gradient comes form the roof being tinted. Sadly though, commenters said the manufacturer changed suppliers, so more recent roofs won’t be sporting the same artsy effect.

4. This Locke Hill cello that looks like a cathedral

The cello was undergoing restoration at the Stringed Instrument Company in Auckland at the time this photo was taken. It was crafted around 1780 and really needed some TLC.

5. Inception in these wine glasses

Neatly arranged cutlery at formal events might look a little boring, but it also offers a chance to take some cool photos, like this mini-maze of wine glasses with a large window view at the end.

6. A bird that took a snowy stroll

According to Redditor Slightlyunlucky, these are the traces of a pigeon out on a walk. Looks like it had a nice little meandering strut in the crisp, winter air.

7. A gold Burkart Elite flute

Yes, the flute is really gold — 14k of rose gold, in fact, and its keys are solid silver. This is what the inside of the pipe looks like.

8. Inside an authentic Australian didgeridoo

This is a didgeridoo by Trevor Gillespie. If its inside looks uneven and organic to you, you’re right — it wasn’t hollowed out by hand, but by termites!

9. How candle smoke disperses

The truth is that smoke is a mix of all 3 states of matter: gas, solid, and liquid. Visible smoke, like from a candle or wood fire, contains soot, tar, ash, oil, water, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide.

10. This welding pattern that looks like a magic flower

Welding, in general, can be traced back more than 2,000 years. The form we know today emerged sometime in the nineteenth century, and sometimes it gives us amazing patterns like this one.

11. The inside of a Steinway Model D concert grand piano

This piano boasts some amazing specifications. The strings might look delicate and fragile, but they exert amazing pressure on the frame — over 20 tons.

12. The artsy cross-section of this watermelon

To be fair, Redditors said that this particular fruit looks overripe, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. Maybe you can enjoy a slightly softer, sweeter watermelon, or if you’re too grossed out to eat it fresh, you can use it in a cool summer recipe.

13. This coffee that is layered like a fancy dessert

Coffee art” might make you think of those charming doodles that baristas make with cream, but it can also mean tiramisu-like layers. If you want to try making coffee like this, make sure you use an appropriate glass that can handle the heat. Otherwise, it might crack or outright explode.

14. These apples that made a gradient cluster

Uneven sun exposure resulted in this lovely blushing fruit. The original poster identifies this apple variety as Samo, a cultivated Finnish apple that is picked in the early fall. Commenters say the grower should have done a better job of thinning their tree though.

15. A Fazioli grand piano

This is a view from the inside of the action mechanism of the piano — a privilege that’s usually only available to its technicians.

Which one of these did you find the most beautiful? Have you found some unexpected beauty in your own surroundings lately? Tell us about it in the comments!

Preview photo credit Pexels, Charles Brooks/ Instagram


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