15 Pictures Showing the “Evolution” of Your Life When You Get a Family and Kids

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3 years ago

Having a child can turn your life upside down. Science even suggests a person’s brain change after having a kid. But a lot of parents still might be surprised to see just how much their lives change, from the clothes they wear to just how they see the world around them.

We at Bright Side want parents to know that they’re not alone! So today, we’re sharing images that really show what it’s like “before” and “after” getting a new bundle of joy.

1. When you’re a parent, 2 things are certain in life: taxes and sensible shoes.

2. “Took our one year wedding anniversary picture!”

3. A loving parent gives everything of themselves to their kids...even their Instagram account.

4. You can never be too prepared...even when leaving the house.

5. There’s no need to dress up when you already have precious cargo.

6. You’re never fully dressed without a hat.

7. After kids, movie night goes from a cheap date to the best part of the week.

8. The week never really ends...

9. “Me time” is a privilege, not a right.

10. On the plus side, you have the perfect excuse to binge-watch Sesame Street.

11. Having kids really opens up your eyes to the wonders of the world.

12. At least you still have lunch! Unless you eat at home...

13. All you need in life are cardboard boxes and a little imagination.

14. There’s a reason people started shopping online.

15. If you can handle a cat, you can handle a baby.

What are some other surprising ways you’ve seen people’s lives change after having kids? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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Couple becomes family !!! With lots of things to do for raising a family. It's the best part of humal life on Earth!


LOVED #3! It's so true! After I had my son, but Instagram was filled with pictures of him instead of mine LOL


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