15 Posts of Pure Tenderness That Made Us Melt Right in Front of Our Screens

2 years ago

Fluffy ducklings cuddling together to keep warm, and adopted doggo that finally trusts you enough to sleep on your shoulder, and loyal cats cheering you up when you feel low — the amount of happiness and joy animals give us is truly immeasurable. And if you happen to snap a photo of such a tender moment, that picture can be worth sharing with the whole world.

These 15 Reddit posts put smiles on our faces and made us feel warm deep inside here at Bright Side, and it’s time for you to have your daily portion of cuteness too!

1. “I’m heavily pregnant and have been having a rough few days — these 2 always know when I need love the most.”

2. “Adopted her 2 months ago, and I think she finally adopted me back last night.”

3. “Just got home from adopting this fella!”

4. “My mom’s dog likes to sit next to her on the couch while she is sitting up like a human.”

5. “I adopted this chonker today! 8 weeks old and ~20lbs already!”

6. “I’m a horse vet. This adorable little guy fell asleep on my feet while I talked to his people.”

7. “Well. Looks like my schedule just cleared.”

8. “Meet Parpov, our friendly neighborhood Rotty. All he wants is pets, and he sad howls when you stop.”

9. “I’m so grateful for my floofs and their love for one another.”

10. “Say hi to our new pupper, Indy! We just got him today.”

11. “Just got home after 10 days away. My boy Ghost ignored me for the first few hours, but all appears to be forgiven now.”

12. “My cuddle buddy every morning before I go to work. I think he is trying to get me to call off.”

13. “Meet Jon Snow, he can only fall asleep on my face.”

14. “During the Texas winter storm I brought this guy inside to make sure he’d survive, and I’m starting to think he’s not leaving.”

15. “I saw these ducklings cuddling because of the cold weather today.”

When was the last time someone or something made you smile and feel cozy and warm? Tell us about the precious moments that’ve made you happier in the comments!

Preview photo credit IsOneC***RockEnough/Reddit


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when pets sleep with their owners, it's the sweetest thing


damn thing won't lemme pay a pic. I've an adorable one where my FurGirly Onyx is next to me with her heart on my then pregnant bump. She now loves her baba sister


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