15 Small but Effective Hacks a Photographer Suggests to Always Look Stunning in Pictures

3 years ago

Looking good in pictures is an art, not a gift. And this gorgeous photographer knows this firsthand. Bonnie Rodríguez Krzywicki amazes the internet with her work and shares with her 824k subscribers that you can fall in love with the way you look in photos, even if you’re not a supermodel. You just need to know the right angles, and she’s here to help you find them.

Here at Bright Side, we love life hacks and can’t help but want to share these great ones with you. Scroll down and adopt them the next time you take some pics.

1. Add accessories to your photo.

2. Add layers.

3. Use a window to play with the reflection.

4. Get creative with group photos.

5. Avoid covering your body.

6. Give the photo some lines.

7. Create some levels.

8. Try to have a more open pose and jolt your face up.

9. Accentuate the waist, tucking the shirt into your skirt or pants.

10. Separate the arms from the body.

11. Show your waist by putting your hands in your blazer.

12. Show more curves!

13. Add movement to get a natural look in photos.

14. Elongate one of your legs.

15. Put on things of similar shades to create a monochrome look.

What’s the go-to trick that you use when posing for photos? We’d be happy to see your comments and pictures in the section below.

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I already follow some of these rules, such as hand on waist to accentuate the waist and keeping arms away from the body, but she has lots of tricks up her sleeve that I am going to try and follow!! brilliant article!!


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