15+ Sneaky Things That Made Us Think They Were Something Else

2 years ago

There is always that one in a million case that tricks our brain and makes us infinitely question our own eyes. Whether it’s a fruit that looks like something completely different or a pure mix of coincidence and timing resulting in a peculiar sight. The things that stand out of the lot with their appearance definitely spark our curiosity and grab our attention.

Bright Side values unique things. That’s why we put together a collection of cool oddities that will bring a smile to your face thanks to their cuteness and eccentricity.

1. ’’I don’t know if I should cook it or take it to the hospital.’’

2. ’’It looks like there’s a polar bear melting in my ice cream.’’

3. ’’My peas & lentils look like an Ichihara test’’

4. ’’My jeans shadow looks like a face.’’

5. ’’My boyfriend’s homegrown potato looks like the Reddit icon!’’

6. ’’This small red potato looks like an anatomical heart.’’

7. ’’Got an onion ring that actually looks like a ring.’’

8. ’’The grinds at the bottom of my coffee look like an alpine forest scene.’’

9. ’’The dust a flag left on my wall, makes it look like the wall is fabric.’’

10. ’’This tomato that grew in our garden is shaped like a butterfly.’’

11. ’’The pattern on my dogs chest looks like a cat mid sneeze.’’

12. Looks like a tiny man is trying to escape from this potato.

13. It looks as if the sunset is two different paintings.

14. ’’I found a strawberry that looks like a star.’’

15. ’’My cake naturally formed an evil smiling face.’’

16. ’’You can’t tell if it’s the bottom or top of my pan that I’m holding.’’

Which one of these images did you find the most surprising? Do you think these are the product of pure coincidence or is there something more to them?

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