15+ Stories of Kindness That Affect Us Like the Sun After the Rain

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Good deeds exist in many forms. Some people perform simple acts of kindness for their loved ones, while others give money to strangers in need. All of these stories show that kindness is still in the soul of all humans. They restore our faith in humanity and inspire us to do good as well.

At Bright Side we appreciate stories about kindness with all our heart, so we put together 16 of the sweetest stories and photos that were shared by people online.

1. When I was 8 years old I found a 4-leaf clover and gave it to my dad for good luck. When he died, I found out that he always kept it in his wallet (for 20 years).

2. 70 boys shaved their heads in support of a female classmate with cancer. Now that is friendship!

3. My neighbors put this bear out to cheer up little kids when they walk by. And they take the time to put different clothes on it every day.

4. Saving the lives of 2 crawdads while diving for trash and treasure!

5. A homeless man in Las Vegas had been reading the same book over and over for months, so I gave him my Kindle with a couple hundred books on it and have seen him with it every morning.

6. Zebra foals imprint on their mom’s striped pattern, so this keeper wears a special coat to take care of an orphaned zebra.

7. I thought my neighbors were complaining about the noise, but they just had a request. I played it with my windows open and I heard really loud clapping. I’ve been in such a lovely mood since.

A humble request to the pianist: Liebestraüme no.3 in A flat.

8. His boss modified it so he could continue working.

9. Spreading a stranger’s ashes I found in the river while diving. I felt like they’d appreciate it a lot more than being in a plastic bag.

10. A 100-year-old woman gives out “pearls of wisdom” for $1, because she just likes people.

11. The general made a simple request. “Do not fight, please. Not on my birthday.” The protesters responded by giving the man a cake.

Imagens TVBA

12. The university gave an honorary master’s degree to the service dog who sat through every one of his owner’s classes. He dressed appropriately for the ceremony.

13. At our local shelter, a kitty’s ears were cut off before she was rescued, so her foster mom made some for her.

14. A construction worker created a giant Waldo and hides it every day for kids in the hospital next door to find.

15. A stray dog walked into police station and got a job.

16. In Naples, there is a handrail that describes the view in braille at a viewpoint.

What little things do you do in your daily life to brighten someone’s day? Let’s continue this thread of kindness — post your stories in the comments.

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I can't believe they modified a complete crane just so this guy could enter it ?


These somehow made me feel cheerful! We still live among good people


With all the things that have been going on around the world, Bright side keeps on making us feel happy. Thanks for that!


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