15 Tattoos From a Super-Trendy Artist That’ll Make You Want to Get One or 2 Yourself

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Tattoos can be an amazing art, especially if they’re done skillfully. There are various kinds of tattoo artists — good, bad, and average. And there’s a separate category — masters.

Ryan Ashley (Malarkey) DiCristina is one of the masters. This famous tattoo artist crowns the chart of top 10 best tattooists in the world. Today we are featuring 15 of her most iconic tattoos that show her unique style and her tremendous gift.

Ryan Ashley has a particular sense of style.

Apart from tattooing, Ryan Ashley Malarkey co-owns the antiques and oddity boutique known as The Strange & Unusual Oddities Parlor. She’s obviously into various vintage things that are also reflected in her tattoo sketches.

She is an artist who has won awards and has been featured in many professional tattoo magazines like Inked Magazine and Freshly Inked. Together with the beauty shop, she operates a discreet tattoo studio that can only be visited by appointment.

The tattooist’s fame has been very well-earned.

Fame and recognition sort of came overnight. She became internationally famous by winning the 2016 “Ink Master” and starring in the 2017 reality show, “Ink Master: Angels.”

Her incredible style and special sense of beauty have brought her more and more customers over the years. In 2018, she was the most sought-after tattooist and she became the headliner at many conventions in many countries, including the United States, Mexico, England, and Spain.

Ryan Ashley is not the only one in the family with a passion for tattoos.

There’s undoubtedly a whole new dynasty of gifted tattooists on the scene, and some of them are in Ryan Ashley’s own family. She’s married to another famous tattoo artist, Arlo DiCristina, and they own Elysium Studios together.

Though both spouses are extremely talented and recognized, their styles are absolutely different. Ryan Ashley specializes in jewelry tattoos, while Arlo does surreal and grotesque pictures that win the hearts of people who are into something intricate and unusual.

Ryan Ashley breaks the stigmas in today’s tattoo world.

Ryan Ashley became the first woman to win the title in the Ink Master show. This occasion was especially marked as a significant moment for female tattoo artists, who are subject to social stigmas in this male-dominated profession.

When Ashley was in the show, the other women in the show formed an alliance to compete with other masters. The show’s executive producer said it was the first time such an alliance had been held throughout the season.

Preview photo credit ryanashleymalarkey / Instagram


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