15 Things That Pretended to Be Something Else and Left Us Scratching Our Heads

3 years ago

Gummies that look like raw fish, a cake that resembles a huge hamburger, or a rock that you can’t tell from a chocolate chip cookie: sometimes even most ordinary things can surprise you with their appearance. Even piles of snow on the beach can look like clouds above the horizon if you look at this scenery from the right angle.

We at Bright Side came across 15 pictures of things that mastered the art of camouflage and almost managed to fool us.

1. “My sister baked a 3 layer cake and before she put frosting on, It looked like a hamburger.”

2. “My Turkish rosewater gummies look like raw fish.”

3. “This rock looks like a chocolate chip cookie.”

4. This flower pot with a pile of snow on top looks like an ice cream in a cone.

5. “This variety of edible seaweed looks like a bunch of grapes.”

6. “I found a mushroom that looks like a little owl.”

7. “This jalapeño looks like a T-Rex.”

8. This sponge looks like a thick slice of bread with brown crust.

9. “My shaving cream looks like a penguin.”

10. “This crystal my brother found looks like a bean burrito.”

11. “This crystal looks like a cauliflower.”

12. This body pillow cover looks like a bunch of hot dogs.

13. This plastic chain looks like mac and cheese.

14. This snow piled up on a beach looks like clouds.

15. “My lunch looks like the Cookie Monster.”

Do you have your own pics of objects that disguised themselves as something else? Share them in the comments!


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