15 Things That Prove We Live in the Future, and It’s Great Here

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We all encounter technological advances that make us ask ourselves, why does this exist? For example, there’s an app called “Nothing,” and there’s nothing, indeed — you just see a black screen whenever you open it. The weird thing is, it has been downloaded more than a million times. Luckily, there are still apps and gadgets developed all the time that actually make our lives easier.

We at Bright Side found a few examples of useful futuristic inventions that seem like they are from a sci-fi movie.

1. A smart sleeper that uses white noise and adaptive rocking to soothe the baby and help with falling asleep

2. A sensor for quick testing of the quality, calorie count, and freshness of food and liquids.

3. A pocket washing machine: it uses ultrasonic waves to clean the clothes delicately.

4. A neckband speaker that only you can hear while still being aware of what’s going on around you

5. An HD camera that allows you to see your dog anytime, sends you a notification if the pet is barking, and has the function of giving them treats remotely

6. A device for completely wireless charging

7. A hand-cranked instant self-charger that doubles up as a lamp

8. A self-cleaning water bottle that has an ultraviolet light on the lid that gets rid of 99.99% of the bacteria, viruses, and mold

9. An interactive audio player with cards featuring children’s stories on them

10. “In this hotel, the TV rotates.”

11. A skincare system backed by NASA that turns treatments into a fine mist to help skin absorb the ingredients faster

12. A smart mirror that has a range of functions, from analyzing skin problems and tracking the effectiveness of skincare products to browsing social media

13. This smart indoor garden has a special lighting system and waters the plants whenever necessary.

14. A calendar that makes tracking goals easy and fun — it’ll even light up the date if the goal is met.

15. An app that notifies you when it’s time to change your baby’s diaper

What is the most used gadget in your house? Which of these innovations would you like to have?


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