15 Times a Design Drew Attention to Its Obscure Meaning

year ago

Not every design is functional. Sometimes it makes no sense, but the more you look at it, the more interested you become. If you think that the design of a cup or a clock is nothing but predictable, then some surprises await you.

1. “Forbidden meat crystals”

2. “Found in the wild”

3. “Is it bad that I kind of want to buy it?”

4. “Poor print placement”

5. “I encountered this specimen in the wild.”

6. “What time is it?”

7. “These cups stacked horizontally instead of vertically, taking up all the walking space”

8. “A shop promotes shoes in a trashcan.”

9. Controversial placement

10. “Come in, we’re closed.”

11. Thoughtful...

12. “When you need to turn on your AC, you’ll have to open your cabinets.”

13. “This teeth sink”

14. Maybe it fits the kitchen.

15. “This light switch — need I say more?”

How often do you notice weird things? If you were a designer, what would you try to create first?


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I see number 7 all the time, all gas stations stack their cups like that. WHAT'S THE ISSUE?!


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