15 Times a Simple Lunch Turned Into a Work of Art

2 years ago

Even noodles and rice can look like a masterpiece if you make them with all your heart. Sometimes all we need to cheer ourselves up in the morning is adorable food that peeks out from our plates. Marvelous dishes make us admire and cry at the same time because we know everything will be eaten in seconds.

Bright Side introduces you to lunches that deserve a place in a museum.

1. “Magikarp kyaraben/character bento (smoked salmon)”

2. “Lumpy space princess bento and my puppy”

3. “Homemade cactus cupcakes”

4. “Day late Easter bentos!”

5. “Lamb tartare, confit egg yolk, asparagus, peas, broad beans, and foraged herbs”

6. “I would protect sad Baby Yoda to the end of the universe.”

7. “Homemade cheesecake with buttercream frosting”

8. “Sourdough pain de mie, egg, avocado, ebiko, alfalfa, and crushed pepper”

9. “A croissant I made this morning for my significant other”

10. “Made sea bass for date night tonight, pan-seared with coconut sauce and fresh spring rolls.”

11. “Homemade chocolate cupcakes with caramel turkeys”

12. “Year of the ox bento”

13. “Spirited away”

14. “My friend’s ramen cake”

15. “Kimchi fried rice with a kidnapped spam bear”

How do you decorate your food? What is the most beautiful dish you’ve ever made?


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