15+ Times Mistakes Turned Into a Comedy

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We don’t have superpowers to help us control every detail of our surroundings. The best-laid plans may come apart, and we have nothing to do with it. How we respond when things don’t unfold as expected is crucial.

A good laugh can help us fight a bad mood and make things easier. These Reddit users prove it’s possible to make lemonade out of almost any lemon.

1. “I came home late. This is how my cat greeted me.”

2. “Amongst my Dad’s Christmas decorations is a set in a box marked ’Christmas Angles.’”

“We’ve giggled about this for years, so I made him the Christmas Angles he deserves.”

3. “Bought her a nigiri sushi house, but apparently, she likes tempura shrimp better.”

4. “We accidentally burned a tortilla, and it looks horrified.”

5. “Toby snuck out early this morning when I opened the door to take out the trash. He’s back now and very remorseful.”

6. “I’m making meatballs and asked my significant other to squeeze 3 cloves of garlic on the beef.”

7. “Instead of slicing the meat and cheese for my crackers, I just lop off what I want and chomp it.”

8. “Seems like stupid food, but the kids love it. It’s mac and cheese with hot dogs wrapped in a tortilla.”

9. “My husband started a new job. This is the uniform they gave him, and it’s my fault, as I took the measurements.”

10. “My husband packed a special treat for my lunch.”

11. “I forgot my headphones at my in-laws. ’No problem, we found them!’ This is what they mailed.”

12. “Asked the boyfriend to put SOME toilet paper in the bathroom.”

13. “My son has had his learner’s permit for a year. I asked him to repark the cars in the yard.”

“He called me in tears because he ’crashed.’ Tire on tire, no damage. He’s lucky!”

14. “I let my 6-year-old choose the shower curtain.”

15. “Flat tire”

“Needs belly rubs to inflate again” © Nitro114 / Reddit

16. “Finally, some truth in advertising”

17. “Every Christmas, she perfectly photobombs at least one picture.”

Sometimes, a sense of humor and the ability to look at the situation from a positive perspective can save the day. What do you usually do to relax the atmosphere?

Preview photo credit the_goldenpony / Reddit


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