19 Photos That Prove Kids Make This World a Better Place

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Nothing can warm you up more than the manifestation of love and care from a child. When they smile at you, the whole universe starts to shine. And they can tell if your emotions are real or fake, so you’d better not mess with these little geniuses — the fate of your day is in their hands.

We at Bright Side have collected people’s pictures of their kids being super nice, letting in some joy to our routine lives.

1. “My 4-year-old daughter helped my wife pack my lunch today and I was pleasantly surprised.”

2. “My son watching his banana bread bake”

3. Because you don’t want to ruin the game, do you?

4. “My 8-year-old was told to describe herself for a project.”

5. “25 minutes ’fixing’ the vacuum cleaner and it’s still not working!”

6. “But that IS my real age!”

7. “This is the way I do bedtime with my daughter.”

8. “I told my 3-year-old our Roomba was tired because he worked all night. She took it to her room and made him a bed.”

9. “My daughter asked me to put this in the mailbox because the mailman does a good job and he deserves to know!”

10. “Looks like my daughter has found her Mr. Right!”

11. This kiddo seems to really appreciate their dad.

12. “My friend’s daughter was being too quiet. They went to check on her and found this.”

13. “My 5-year-old sharing her cheeseburger with her pet worm”

14. This little guy should receive a prize for the happiest face ever!

15. “My 7-year-old is making a book. He’s wise beyond his years.”

16. “My 2-year-old who thinks I can’t find him”

17. It seems that this turtle receives a lot of care.

18. “The kid I babysit likes to nap in the sun with his chicken.”

19. “The ’S’ key on my keyboard broke and my 6-year-old attempted to fix it.”

How do your kids make you smile? Share some pictures with us!

Preview photo credit Moxsis / Reddit


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