15 Times Nature Decided to Put On a Show

3 years ago

Be it imprinting the same birthmarks on unrelated people or making things look exactly like something they’re not, at times, nature likes to think outside the box. A few lucky people who had their cameras ready at the perfect moment got to capture some of life’s unusual creations and shared them with the world.

Bright Side checked them out and picked the best 15 for our audience to see below.

1. “My girlfriend and my nephew have a very similar birthmark despite the fact that they aren’t related at all.”

2. “This wood chunk looks like a human heart.”

3. “My cat was sleeping on my legs, and when she got up, I saw she had left a paw print on me.”

4. “A suspiciously perfect triangular cloud”

5. “My blinds’ reflection looks like lunar phases on my wall.”

6. “My plant looks like a leaf.”

7. “This old colored pencil box after termites ate all the wood”

8. A full rainbow, perfectly outlining the sun

9. “My daughter found a stick that looks like a camel head”

10. “While the veins on my left hand say ’yo,’ the veins on my right hand spell out ’Hi.’”

11. “A strawberry whose seeds have sprouted”

12. How a 5-month-old banana looks

13. “My rhododendron looks like it’s trying to run off.”

14. “My son was born with a black spot in his otherwise blonde head of hair. It grows in black, and there is no birthmark or discoloration under it.”

15. “My dog fell asleep in the rain and the ’shadow’ looks like a cartoon dog.”

Have you spotted something unusual lately? Share it with us in the comments below and expand our list!

Preview photo credit blaise-johnson / Reddit


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the bens on my hands also look like this after my workout 💪


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