15 Times People Discovered Something That Made Us Go “OMG”

3 years ago

A keyhole in a rock, a doll inside a wall — it seems like there’s always some level of mystery around us. Stumbling upon something unusual is quite rare, and it’s definitely worth sharing with the whole world.

We at Bright Side found the most puzzling images on the internet, and we wanted to share them with you.

1. “Mysterious keyhole on a rock outside my school”

2. “This box of handcuffs I found while walking around my apartment complex”

3. “I found an edge piece in my bag of goldfish.”

4. “1977 McDonald’s Christmas trash discovered in the wall of our house.”

5. “Ruff day? Come sit down.”

6. “Found a bird nest in our garden. We have two white fluffy dogs and it looks like the nest was built with their fur.”

7. “My dad found a 20-year-old banana in his coat pocket.”

8. “I found this print from where a gray wolf slept in the snow. You can even see her ribs!”

9. “I found a 5-leaf clover!”

10. “Fox sleeping on the skylight”

11. “This truck in a tree I found while driving through the woods”

12. “The ice on my wheels”

13. “Found this gecko with two tails in my mailbox.”

14. “This perfectly square rock I found at the beach”

15. “Bought a house that had a hidden room, I found it when I parked a bus on it.”

Which discovery surprised you the most? Have you ever found something you couldn’t explain? Do you have a few pics that you want to share with us?

Preview photo credit lofud / reddit


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