15 Times People Found Something That Left Us Confused

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There are many strange objects in our environment whose purposes are not always immediately apparent. And, as you know, one of the benefits of the Internet is its capacity to combine the efforts of individuals worldwide to solve a problem beyond the scope of a single individual. So here we are with these 15 finds you might also have at home.

1. “A solid metal thing found in a farming museum — it has rubber straps and chains.”

“A bull/horse blinderDoctorOfMeat / Reddit

2. “An oblong wooden object with grooves and a hole in it came in a box with a grain mill but didn’t belong to the machine.”

“It looks almost like a massive honey dipper.” Rhys_Herbert / Reddit

3. “This metal sphere has 4 telescopic arms and nothing else, no markings either.”

“I think it’s one of these phone holders.” jdehjdeh / Reddit

4. “A wooden tool with comb-like prongs, 3 glass vials positioned behind the prongs, and a small handle behind the vials.”

“That looks like someone took a berry picker and turned it into a decorative bud vase.” EastLeastCoast / Reddit

5. “A foam rubber promo item from the local water authority — what is it for?”

“YVW Water Watchers! Initiative to remind children to conserve water when possible.” GreenCamelior / Reddit

6. “What is this thing? Found it in the cloakroom of an old country house.”

“It is a boot jack and is used to remove boots.” toeprint / Reddit

7. “Found in a junk drawer, we have no idea what it’s supposed to hold.”

“It’s a curling iron cover. The loop goes under the ‘arm’ of the curling iron.” ilikebeeeef / Reddit

8. “This metal piece is attached to the wall in a WC in my Airbnb in France.”

“It’s a magazine rack installed upside down...” twoeightnine / Reddit

9. “This washed up on the beach. It’s very heavy but seems to barely float. It’s about 3-4 feet long and looks like fiberglass on the outside, but not completely sure.”

“It is an outrigger for trolling. You attach a long line to it, carrying it away from the side of the boat so you can put out 2 long lines at once. Used for tuna and swordfish in the gulf stream.” costabius / Reddit

10. “My boyfriend found this in his backyard. It appears to be a medal of some sort? Theres nothing on the back of it.”

“Definitely a hub cap for a carriage wheel. The flange is at the surface of the hub, and the decorated area is pressed back in. Probably fell off a carriage at some point, and no one noticed.” Quibblicous / Reddit

11. “I received this for Christmas — hollow metal tubes that swing around when you move it and 2 plastic hooks.”

“It’s a space saving multi-hanger.” CaptMeatPockets / Reddit

12. “What is this small, curved, metallic object? It’s about 2 inches across, it’s engraved, and probably stainless steel. Found in a box of various tools and hardware.”

“It’s a boot tipper, like for cowboy boots.” MaryN6FBB***** / Reddit

13. “2 small wooden spools wrapped with a leather strap. When you turn the handle, both spots spin.”

“Hand crank strop tool for safety razors” whatmia / Reddit

14. “Sterling silver, 6 inches long, a small compartment on the back.”

“There should be some small holes on the edge. It’s a salt and pepper shaker, one of a pair, Japanese. The image is a pair of sailboats with Mt. Fuji in the background.” Luther-Heggs / Reddit

15. “It was a Christmas present with no tags. It’s like a bag, closed at the bottom but with 2 uneven handles, and the long handle won’t go through the short one.”

“It’s a Japanese knot bag.” TwoBirdsEnter / Reddit

Do you have something whose purpose is still a mystery to you? Share it in the comments, and we will help you get some answers!

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