15+ Times People Happened Across Something Unusual and Wanted to Share It

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The world is a big place, so naturally, it’s full of astonishing discoveries patiently waiting for our curiosity to reveal them. And luckily, some people are masters of keeping their childlike curiosity alive and never hesitate to share photos of mind-bending finds they happen to come across. From simple but interesting things to more mysterious discoveries, they always have something new to show off.

1. “This locust with a lion’s face on its back”

2. “This random inch-long hair on my forehead.”

3. “An orange and black lobster my dad caught”

4. “These 2 different colored carrots I found in my grandmother’s yard”

5. “Seeing my dog everywhere”

6. This onion is a little too big.

7. “This random blister that looks like an exclamation point appeared on my finger.”

8. “My kid’s pumpkin accidentally got put into a box in the attic for a year.”

9. “Left the cup of tea for 15 minutes, came back, and trees with leaves were naturally formed.”

10. “A spider hiding in my apartment peephole”

11. “This tomato I found that looks like a pepper”

12. “This tree I found”

13. “My cat’s stripes line up almost perfectly with the rug.”

14. “I saw this weird tree that bends toward the window.”

15. “I found this stone at the beach.”

16. “A dabbing carrot from my garden”

Are you also curious about the world and live for the unexpected? Got any interesting finds to share with us? Don’t hesitate to drop a picture in the comment section below.

Preview photo credit volcanic_ashe / Reddit


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I have a random hair on the middle of the right And left side of my forehead, and its not just hair, its patches. mymom says its just my edges, even thought its in the middle? ok.


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