15 Times People Saw Something Truly Stunning

2 years ago

Seeing a masterpiece can be a truly special experience. Whether they’re handmade or a gift from Mother Nature, some things reach the peak of beauty thanks to their flawless shape and balanced colors. From the details on a transparent butterfly to the wonderful rainbow colors on man-made marble, beauty is everywhere around us. We just have to look close enough to reward our eyes with a feast.

Bright Side is fascinated by the type of beauty that can take our breath away. This is why we’ve collected a set of images so gorgeous that they will add a good spark of charm to your day.

1. This scorpion completely changes under UV lights.

2. The vibrant colors of melted granite

3. ’’This beautiful flower I saw on a morning walk’’

4. ’’I snapped a pic of a gorgeous transparent butterfly.’’

5. ’’Natural floating ice rings in my hometown’’

6. ’’This unique plant I saw’’

7. ’’I love the pattern in my wife’s eyes.’’

8. ’’This tree in my backyard’’

9. ’’This rock I found while on a walk’’

10. ’’This tulip with evenly split colors I found in my garden’’

11. ’’This bismuth crystal cluster grew to be amazing.’’

12. ’’A beautiful jellyfish I saw at the zoo today’’

13. ’’I saw this as I was walking out the door this morning.’’

14. ’’These leaves got caught on a rock in a stream.’’

15. Glowing rocks that fill you with hope

Do you think it’s easy to find stunning things around us if we make the effort to look for them? Is nature the main creator of beauty or does man have the ability to make equally beautiful masterpieces?

Have some cool photos or stories and want to be featured on Bright Side? Send them all right HERE, right now. We’ll be waiting in the meantime!

Preview photo credit Ryunysus/Reddit


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