15 Types of Colleagues That Can Be Found in Any Office

2 years ago

Each of us who has worked in a big team at one point in our lives knows that co-workers can be very different. And there is definitely someone in the office who speaks on the phone more than others, or who stays at their desk till late at night.

At Bright Side, we decided to recall what types of colleagues exist, and we drew comics depicting them.

1. This is the most responsible colleague on the team. They collect money and organize picnics, birthday parties, and practically everything.

2. Here’s the casanova. This type of colleague flirts with everyone and keeps faith in his irresistibility, despite a lot of rejection.

3. This is the foodie. This colleague brings foods with very strong odors to work. They love curry and heating up fish in the microwave.

4. This is the traveler. It’s not that easy to find this person working at their desk. They have hundreds of serious reasons to be absent. As a result, management can’t even remember their name.

5. Those who feel hot and those who feel cold usually sit next to each other and fight over the thermostat to the air conditioner and the window.

6. Mr. Success is always enthusiastic and ready to conquer new heights. No one knows how they do it.

7. This is the gossiper. This type of a colleague actively participates in the social life of the team. The information they spread isn’t always trustworthy, but it’s definitely very interesting.

8. This is the lazy one. This colleague has a very vivid imagination and can come up with a million excuses to avoid work. A real talent!

9. This is the thief. This colleague is sure that the contents of the office fridge belong to everyone.

10. When this type of colleague, who loves to speak on the phone, falls silent, the office becomes a peaceful place. Luckily, this silence doesn’t last for long.

11. This is the ear-tickler. This colleague always tries to get close to the boss. However, their attempts are not always successful.

12. The employee of the month has found a permanent place on the wall of honor. They come earlier than everyone else and sometimes spend entire nights working at their desk.

13. The most experienced colleague remembers what the company was like when it didn’t even exist yet. They are happy to share their memories with anyone who will listen.

14. For every hard worker, there is always someone who comes late. They probably try to keep the balance in the universe.

15. This is the dictator. This type of colleague is very fussy. It’s really hard for them to maintain a comfortable atmosphere in the office.

Did you recognize any of your co-workers in these pictures? Or maybe you see yourself! Tell us in the comments below.

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