15 Unusual Furniture Designs to Make Your Neighbors Envious

4 years ago

What was coined in 1984 as "Mid-Century modern" by writer and art historian Cara Greenberg is now a key word used by the furniture design industry. It denotes functionality, elegance, and simplicity, with modern-day designers ditching the age-old and traditional "only wood and marble" furniture. They are open to experimenting with materials like metal, glass, vinyl, and plywood, and combining it with wood to create newer versions of furniture.

A furniture piece adds to the beauty and style of the space you live in. Sometimes, furniture can play a big role in uplifting your mood too. Vibrant colors, unique designs, and funky themes - all these can turn any normal-looking furniture structure into a piece of art.

At Bright Side, we were awed by some such exclusive designer furniture pieces and made a list of them to share with you.

15. The Scorpion King

14. Hatch the eggs.

13. Excuse me!

12. Going down!

11. A chair for 2

10. The new definition of sleek:

9. After a break-up:

8. "The Sandwich Lover"

7. Water is scarce. Fish need homes.

6. Emoticons are now emoticushions:

5. Revamping the garden by Verner Panton:

4. Sturdy enough to take the load:

3. I am cozier when my bed acts like me.

2. For the love of pencils!

1. For him and her:

Furniture pieces add to the space we live in. In disguise, if designed creatively, it also elevates our happiness quotient. Do you have a favorite piece of furniture at your place too? Share with us in the comments below.


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