15 Women Who Ditched Doubts and Rocked New Hair Styles

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9 months ago

A simple way to lift your mood is to change your hair color or style. Many of us have tried the tubes of color balm that turned our hair into a bold mahogany or a striking malachite. The outcome was not always great, but we learned from our mistakes and found out what suits us better.

Today, we are more open to changes. Besides, even if we mess up, it’s not a big deal, because hair grows back.

1. “I cut my hair myself.”

2. “At 47, I decided to make a dramatic image change.”

“I was so scared it was going to make me look older.”

3. “I want to show how my hair has changed over three decades.”

Selesti.N / Pikabu

4. “Thinking about whether to grow it or stick with the last haircut for now.”

evgya / Pikabu

5. “Just spontaneously did this. I’m not sure how to feel...”

6. “Which hair length is best for me? Short, medium, or long?”

7. “This new hairstyle makes me look so different, I’ll need a new passport.”

8. “First time ever styled my hair, and decided to go crazy and get my hair cut short for the first time! I tried to go for an Audrey Hepburn cut”

9. “I took the risk and here is the result!”

10. “Impulsively went for a very big chop today!”

“I always say I want longer hair, but then as soon as it grows past my shoulders I feel ‘meh’. I’m so glad I’ve gone back to the short look!”

11. When removing length is totally worth it, because it turned out really cool.

12. “Cut off all my hair...very conflicted! Not many hairstyles I can do now.”

13. “Thinking about growing out my buzz cut.”

14. “Light or dark? Which looks better on me?”

15. Black or blonde?

Makeover stories fascinate women, who often wonder if they should “chop” their hair into a bob. But men also like to experiment. Sometimes, the photos “before” and “after” are so different, you can’t believe it’s the same person.

Preview photo credit honeydewlover123 / Reddit


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