17 Examples Showing That the Right Hairstyle Can Change Everything

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Men don’t do experiments with their style very often and they tend to have the same haircut for many years. But sooner or later, they make the decision to change something about their appearance. And sometimes, the results of a barbershop visit are so amazing that they just can’t help but share a photo online.

We at Bright Side support guys who want to change their look, and here are 17 examples of how much a haircut can improve a man’s appearance.

1. “My barber is a hero.”

2. “Finally decided to chop the flow, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”

3. Everyday guy looking for something new.

4. He looks very surprised by the results of his transformation.

5. Despite his beautiful long hair, this guy doesn’t regret having changed his look. And now he’s not hot in the summer.

6. 12 years of hair, gone.

7. It looks like he’s a little sad.

8. “Just wanted to see what a short haircut would look like. The glasses’ color isn’t final (the frames can still be changed).”

9. “I’m a scientist, so I’ve been able to grow out my hair (I usually wear it up). But I’m interviewing for an analyst position and took some inspiration from people online.”

10. “I did a thing: first cut in nearly 4 years. Thanks to all the lovely people who encouraged me to make a change.”

11. Short hair looks so much better.

12. Hair does matter.

13. This guy looks amazing now.

14. This guy’s beard was epic! But now he looks even better!

15. 2 completely different guys

16. “Before and after taming my hair”

17. Here’s my before and after, after taking advice from people online.

Would you ever take the risk and change your hairstyle dramatically?

Please note: This article was updated in April 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit DrShafer / reddit


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I will show this article to my guy, maybe this will motivate him to finally get a makeover ;)


With these new hairstyles they enhanced their beauty and became very attractive guys, all of them :)


Guys need a makeover too. Their transformations look awesome!


Love these photos! I also had long hair for a long time, I thought they looked cool, but at one point I realized they looked rather greasy and ugly, than nice. I decided to find a good hairdresser and I'm more than happy with my hair right now :)


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