15+ Women Who Know Well That Perfect Makeup Is Better Than Photoshop

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2 years ago

Eyeshadows, lipstick, and mascara can make real magic in skillful hands. They can enhance the good parts of someone’s appearance and even transform a person completely. And it actually doesn’t matter that some people seek help from professional makeup artists, while others create their looks on their own. The result is what matters the most.

We at Bright Side had a little debate when trying to choose the best makeup option but then agreed that all the people in this article look like models from magazine covers.

“Had my makeup trial today and I L O V E it!”

Without mascara and eyeshadow vs With made-up eyes vs With false lashes

Make up trial, before and after

One could easily do a photoshoot with this makeup.

“Had my hair and make-up trial this weekend.”

Another “before-after” collage

“I think the brows could be a bit more even but overall I am very happy.”

“My makeup artist canceled, so I’m considering doing my makeup instead. My attempt is on the right.”

“Before and after. What do you think?”

“Disappointing make-up trial (the right photo). I think I will do my own wedding make-up...”

  • You look much more vibrant and glowy in the first set of pictures. And you did a phenomenal job on your own eye makeup! © christidi / Reddit

“Before and after makeup I did for my older sister who’s attending a wedding.”

Make up free vs Fully dolled up

“Here’s my before and after doing my everyday soft glam to work from home.”

“My wedding make-up: before and after!”

“I’ve had quite the makeup journey, 2015-2022.”

“The picture on the left is makeup done by me. The right pic is the work of a makeup artist for $25. I literally laughed
my whole way home.”

What do you think about makeup? Are you the one who goes makeup-free or the one who dolls up even when you only need to go to the convenience store?

Preview photo credit Procrastinator0517 / Reddit


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