16 Clothing Tricks to Turn Ordinary Items Into Designer Ones

7 months ago

All girls probably know that feeling of having a good piece of clothing but not wanting to wear it because of its style or size. Today we’d like to upgrade these items. You’ll learn how to turn a boring sweatshirt into a beautiful and feminine one, how to make a magnificent top out of a weird dress, how to add bright details to an ordinary t-shirt, and many other interesting and easy tricks.

Bright Side thinks that we can turn each item into a statement piece and wants to share some ideas with you.

16. Velvet bow

It’ll take you less than 15 minutes to decorate your sweatshirt with such an amazing and cute detail.

15. Bright detail

If you glue some bright ribbons onto your ordinary t-shirt, you can turn it into something really unique.

14. A top made out of a dress

Almost every girl has a dress that she doesn’t wear. Here’s an example how to create a gorgeous blouse out of a dress.

13. Fringe decor

Is your jacket too boring? Do you want to add some bright colors? Then this idea is for you. You’ll just need your jacket, some fringe, and a little patience.

12. Upgrading the back

It’s really easy to make your sweater look more interesting: just cut out some pieces from the back. Click here for detailed instructions.

11. Embroidered details

If you’re patient and like to decorate old clothes, read these instructions that explain how to upgrade an old denim jacket.

10. A top made out of a t-shirt

You can easily turn your old basic t-shirt into a chic top. No special skills required.

9. A scarf made out of an old sweater

If you have an old sweater that you just can’t throw away, you can use these instructions to turn it into a beautiful scarf that will complete your winter look.

8. Decorate a skirt with ruffles

This idea is for those who want to give a chance to an old skirt or just decorate a boring, basic one.

7. Small pom-poms

To refresh old jeans, you could just buy pom-pom trim and stitch it along the seams.

6. An off-the-shoulder shirt

Is your basic t-shirt boring and ordinary? Cut the collar off your t-shirt and stitch the edge. Place a safety pin onto a piece elastic and insert it through the opening in the stitched edge making sure you pull it all the way through. There’s also a bonus video with step-by-step instructions at the end of this article.

5. Embellished hat

Today, different beanies decorated with embroidery are extremely popular, but the prices are so high. So we’d like to show you how to create this hat with your own hands. You’ll need a good hat and a piece of fabric with embroidery or beading.

4. Pom-pom sleeves

You can renew your old sweater with the help of pom-poms that you can buy at almost any craft store.

3. A skirt made out of jeans

Give your shorts and jeans a second chance turning them into a fashionable denim skirt.

2. Sneakers with embroidery

Shoes decorated with embroidery are really popular today. If you upgrade your sneakers on your own, you’ll save money, and get a unique piece of clothing.

1. Elbow patch knitting patterns

If you’ve ripped a hole in your sweater’s elbow, don’t throw it away. Different knitting patches will help your item live longer.

Have you ever tried to turn ordinary items into unique ones?

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