16 Fashion Rules Modern Women Are Happy to Break

3 years ago

Fashion magazines are full of advice on what you can and can’t do to be trendy. From the TV screens, stylists reveal the rules that all women are supposed to follow. And many people blindly trust their authoritative opinion, forgetting that we are all different and in general, don’t owe anything to anyone.

Bright Side figured out which fashion beliefs and tips are no longer relevant. No wonder the majority of them make our head hurt.

Myth 1. Fashionable clothes are only for thin girls.

There is an opinion that it’s the body itself that can become the key to a stylish look. However, the ability to dress beautifully doesn’t depend on the type of figure — in modern stores, you can find trendy clothes in any size. You just have to determine the styles that suit you, your color palette, and then you have to learn how to emphasize your advantages with the help of clothing.

Myth 2. Without perfect hair, the look is considered incomplete.

One of the most common outdated rules is that you have to style your hair so that it looks perfect. Of course, the hairstyle completes the look, but now, a slight carelessness is in fashion, so you shouldn’t spend a lot of time and effort on perfectly curling or straightening your hair.

A couple of curls pulled out of a hairstyle or tousled hair is touching, charming, and emphasizes the fragility, tenderness, and serenity of the girl. And even the grown-out roots of dyed hair don’t frighten anyone today. On top of that, it has even become a trend. Of course, aesthetic imperfections have nothing to do with sloppiness. The hair should still be clean and well-groomed, but nothing more.

Myth 3. At this age, you can’t wear...

Many people believe that when you reach a certain age, you have to change your style of clothing. The secret is that women themselves came up with this rule. In the modern world, there are no age restrictions when it comes to the wardrobe, and clothes aren’t divided into categories of 30+, 40+, 50+ years old. Stereotypes about fashion restrictions are becoming a thing of the past, along with the rest of the rules about what to do and what not to do at a certain age.

Today, you can easily imagine an older woman wearing ripped jeans or a mini-skirt. The main thing to pay attention to is the relevance of the clothes but don’t regret experimenting with your style. If you have worn dresses all your life, and then realized that you were wearing them for your man, and decided to change to jeans, then this is a great solution for you. After all, our life is an eternal way of getting to know ourselves.

Myth 4. Oversized clothes make you look bigger.

A loose fit creates the illusion of a more delicate figure. To achieve this effect, you need to follow a simple rule for styling oversized clothing — clothes should be tight on at least one part of the body or one part of the body should be bare. Thanks to this styling, the oversized style has won the hearts of millions of women, because you can literally reshape your body. On some parts, there should be volume, and on the others, clothes should emphasize the figure — this is how the right body sculpting works.

Myth 5. Draping and voluminous clothes hide body flaws.

Draping and folds add volume, and loose clothing will hide the outlines of the body which will make it look several times bigger. Moderately fitting silhouettes or flattering elements will look much more polished. For example, a belt will help draw attention to a thin waist.

Myth 6. No long hair after the age of 40.

There is no universal hairstyle for older women. If everything is alright with the health of the hair and length highlights the facial features, then there is no point in cutting long hair because you are a certain age. The main thing is your comfort and self-confidence. In addition, these hairstyles not only emphasize your advantages, but they also hide your flaws. For example, they are ideal for women with round or slightly full faces, as they visually lengthen it.

Myth 7. Your bag should match your shoes.

Many people try to findbag that matches their shoes. There is nothing reprehensible or strange about this. However, in most cases, strict tone matching looks outdated. Nowadays, you can often see a combination of massive sneakers with a feminine clutch, or, conversely, stilettos with a belt bag. These clothing items can have different prints and colors — now, there are no fashion restrictions and complete freedom is allowed.

Myth 8. A look shouldn’t contain more than 3 colors.

After color blocking came into fashion, you can safely forget about this rule forever. Going beyond 3 colors can create an attractive and interesting look. The main principle is to combine colors in your outfit with geometric blocks on one piece of clothing, or simply go for several monochromatic things that are different colors. The color blocking technique is great for unusual and contrasting combinations.

Myth 9. Colorful clothes don’t suit me.

A certain color may really not suit a certain girl. However, it’s impossible that absolutely all shades of this color don’t suit you. It’s not worth rejecting the entire palette of shades of a certain color, because each color has a huge number of variations and the main thing is to find the one that works for you. By the way, the seasons can also affect the perception of color, because the color of our skin changes depending on them. If a certain shade doesn’t match your color type or style, then it still can be worn, but it’s better to move it away from the face.

Myth 10. Women should wear feminine clothing.

Some people are sure that girls should adhere to the style of classic femininity and not include any impudent or grunge elements in their look. It’s time to leave this rule in the past because there is nothing wrong with wearing not just jeans, but jeans with holes in the knees. Or replacing a boring trench coat with a rocker-style leather jacket and going to a parents’ meeting in it.

Myth 11. You can’t combine shades of green and pink in one look.

This rule appeared a long time ago, and it’s usually followed by well-read intellectuals. Over time, this color scheme started to be considered poor taste.

With all due respect what hurts one’s eye may seem like a pleasant contrast to the others. In addition, in nature we now and then see red and pink flowers framed by green petals. And these flowers are beautiful.

Myth 12. Leather clothes are provocative.

Here you need to focus on the cut, the fit, and the relevance of the clothing item at the current moment. Perhaps wearing a leather suit with lacquered over-the-knee boots will look vulgar. But separate elements of clothing, like basic leather trousers, shirts, and jackets look extremely stylish, even in an everyday wardrobe.

Myth 13. Vintage style makes you look older.

Many people avoid clothes from their “grandmother’s closet” and from second-hand stores, as they are afraid they will make them look older. By themselves, these clothes don’t add age, but they should only be included in the most relevant looks.

Myth 14. Tattoos should be hidden.

Some people want to express their individuality, be creative, or tell their story with the help of tattoos. However, there’s an opinion that tattoos are a sign of frivolity and childishness. For this reason, the representatives of many occupations have to hide their tattoos, and some tattoo owners don’t like to show them in their everyday life. Intricate drawings on the body have long become a part of human history, so there is no point in being shy and always hiding them under clothes.

Myth 15. Stilettos look good on everyone.

This is not the most versatile shoe option. Although it looks stylish and elegant, curvier girls should be careful when choosing heels that are too thin, because a voluminous body in combination with stilettos may seem fuller due to the contrast. It’s better to choose shoes based on the body type and the whole look to avoid size imbalance.

Myth 16. You have to dye gray hair.

Many women feel obligated to obey the stereotypes prevailing in society, and in particular, to dye their gray hair. But now, mature beauty has been trendy for several seasons, and there are some not very obvious reasons for it. First, it demonstrates status. Second, women who are able to follow their own path, contrary to the imposed patterns, are worthy of respect. The main thing is that the hair and skin look well taken care of, smooth, and shiny, then the presence of gray hair will look appropriate.

What fashion rules do you follow?

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Hopefully I don’t sound like I shame anyone for following trends or “rules,” (honestly I like non fashion rules, those are the only ones I maybe break, at least for my age.. have dressed older(vintage-y) for a while, skipped high school/young adult clothes) I also don’t think less of someone that doesn’t. Being clean is much more important than someone’s fashion sense and what’t worth the most is who someone is. I like the point that hairstyle doesn’t matter so much as clean hair. It’s okay to have unwashed hair sometimes but I think the mindset of being healthy (in different aspects, including mental health and a healthy attitude about life etc) is important. I am also liking that this one seemed to have more green check marks than usual for this type of article, including it being okay for a woman over a certain age to not like long hair. My mother’s generation and her depression era mother’s were told women cut their hair short when they have kids. Mom grew out her hair when I was in high school and she hasn’t looked back! There’s nothing wrong with any length of hair. Just like I am not going to “mom shame” a woman if she lets her son have longer hair. Just because we don’t feel comfortable with something we shouldn’t judge who someone is based upon something like that. I can’t wait for the day when more fashion/style type things have all green check marks! And thanks for saying early that trends aren’t for just one size! Sure, the right side photo is a model but the point was good. Go watch Carrie Dayton on you tube who likes to play with different styles and show that any size should feel beautiful and comfortable in trends, that having extra weight somewhere is a normal thing. She’s a mid-sized girl that has a good mindset. Also check out Sierra Schultzzie who has the same mindset. We HAVE to stop saying “I can’t wear this because.. =( way of thinking.


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