16 Kids Who Can Win Over Millions of Hearts in Seconds

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3 years ago

Kids are the perfect blend of mischievousness and cuteness. One moment, they get on your nerves with their shenanigans, and the next, they win over your heart by saying, “I love you,” or dressing up in adorable costumes.

Bright Side wants to bring a smile to your face by presenting you with these sweet baby moments, causing you to say, “Aww!”

1. The boy’s got his priorities straight.

2. The way she looks at her cousin with pure love

3. Melting your heart in 3... 2... 1...

4. The baby who looked at his babysitter this way while taking a dump

5. Love for his dad was more than a victory for him.

6. The best thing to aspire to

7. Good manners and adorableness always goes a long way.

8. Her reaction when she made her cat a princess

9. Strong pun game, kid.

10. When you leave a dad alone with a baby:

11. She just knows the right words to describe things.

12. He aced the “blue steel” look right off the bat.

13. She knows how to chill like a pro.

14. This baby would steal your girl away in no time.

15. He knew something was up with his toy box.

16. He’s facing an existential crisis way too soon.

And here are a few more bonus babies in adorable costumes sure to win over your heart in no time!

Baby sushi

Baby babushka

Baby Ted

Baby Popeye

Do you have adorable pictures from your childhood or of your own baby? Feel free to share them in the comment box below.

Preview photo credit shonnunwhut / reddit


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Haha my son instead of wanting to be a dog, he wants to be a cat ?


I wish my cousins see me just they way that little girl sees hers


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