16 Life Hacks That Can Change Your Daily Routine for the Better

There’s no need to throw away a car freshener after it’s expired. You can simply make it smell again all by yourself by adding a few drops of essential oil. Each time it can be whatever new smell you would like it to be. A cheap, smart, and environmentally friendly solution.

We at Bright Side try to improve our daily life with tricks and tips, and so we’re sharing 16 new hacks with you today.

1. “To improve the taste of instant coffee and make it less bitter, shake or stir it, then discard the resulting foam.”

2. “Use pet nail clippers if a cat got dreads. Perfect size and virtually no risk of accidentally cutting their skin.”

3. “Use a whisk to easily remove a hard-boiled egg in case you don’t have a slotted spoon.”

4. In case you don’t want to wash your lunch box.

5. “Stop smelly onions! Simple tip, place a paper towel under the cut end. Absorbs all the odor!”

6. “Instead of buying a new air freshener, add a few drops of essential oil to the old one. It’s cheaper, lasts longer, and you can customize!”

7. “How to keep your babies feet warm while walking.”

8. “One trip is all that’s needed.”

9. “Wrap tinfoil around a candle to re-level a candle that has burnt unevenly.”

10. “Use plastic wrap under caps to reseal seasonings that solidify over time.”

11. “I fixed my daughter’s flipflop.”

12. “Use a beard trimmer to shave off all the pull threads from your cat clawing furniture.”

13. “Travel pillow helps you lay down with headphones.”

14. “Drill without the mess using a post-it note.”

15. “Keep your lid off the table with a sleeve and a stopper.”

16. “Use a large trash bag when you run out of cat box liners.”

What hacks do you use for your home? What hack helps you save your money?

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