16 People Who Really Needed Some Help Identifying Their Unknown Objects

2 years ago

Mysteries have always been very alluring to people, and psychology has the answer on why this is the case. It’s simply because people’s brains can roam free in any direction they want in order to find the solution. They also use their imagination in a way that is unlike what they usually do in their everyday lives. So, from riddles and visual puzzles to unknown objects, people seem to like a good challenge.

Bright Side loves a good mystery, and these 16 occurrences and objects will satisfy your inner Hercule Poirot.

1. “Small dimpled rubber ball that was thrown at a cyclist. Very squishy and about the size of a paintball.”

Answer: Nerf ball for the Hyper or the Rival.

2. “Stretchy metal bracelet with sharp hanging blade. The bit at the end is sharp and moves on the pin.”

Answer: You put a spool of thread on the bar and put the circle on your wrist, so you can work on needlework or embroidery.

3. “I now own these neon rainbow acrylic mystery sticks I found in the Goodwill bins. Anyone know what I bought?”

Answer: They are colorful mahjong racks.

4. “Cast iron shaft in the marsh on my property”

Answer: It’s the worm and driveshaft out of a 28-29 model AA Ford. Driveshaft and worm likely 6-7 feet long.

5. “Light ’fixture’ I noticed at a restaurant. Appears to be some sort of old machinery.”

6. “Found these glass tubes in the attic of my 100 year old home.”

Answer: Ampules that can be filled with something. They get sealed by melting the glass with a flame.

7. “What is the intended purpose of this very thin, glass covered drawer?”

Answer: It’s a bedside cabinet and it’s to put cups of coffee/ breakfast on, so it doesn’t leave coffee rings/stains on the top.

8. “Metal triangle-shaped hand tool with an offset wooden handle. 5 shallow circle indents on the surface.”

Answer: It’s a Masonic shot glass holder.

9. “Spiky plastic thing”

Answer: Bottle holder for babies bottles. You use it as a drainer after washing them.

10. “It looks like a plastic key of some sort, but with a ridge pattern instead of a normal key pattern.”

Answer: Looks like it could be a ’Zig Zag Waffle Key for Leonardo Versatwin & Kruger toilet paper dispensers’."

11. “Found this at my internship. It is a relatively small, metal plate.”

Answer: Looks like a Witkar key. Even the design in the flat part looks like the company logo.

12. “Found on the beach, it’s solid, and the green casing feels like stone, but is almost a little stretchy when I try to pull at the edges.”

Answer: Could be a capacitor. Looks like the 2 wires can be seen at the bottom.

13. “Weird hollow lens-shaped things stuck together with no pattern. Found on a beach.”

Answer: Whelk eggs. There’s a picture here if you scroll, plus a cool one of the whelk actually laying some eggs.

14. “What is this weaved object hanging on the wall of my local pub? I vaguely remember one hanging in my grandparent’s old house.”

Answer: For beating the dust out of rugs, I believe.

15. “What is this 6-floor tiny tower in the middle of a parking lot, adjacent to a baseball field?”

Answer: They use that whole area for training of all sorts, including high-speed chase training for cops, as well as a firing range.

16. “Old heavy key with ‘GOOD HEALTH’ engraved”

Answer: It’s obvious. It’s the key to good health. These ’motivational’ knickknacks have been a thing for generations.

Do you have any mystery objects and need help figuring out what their initial purpose was?

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