16 People Who Visited Famous Movie and TV Series’ Locations

2 years ago

Location scouting is the procedure all film productions follow in order to find places to create their movies. Whether they are in the same country or somewhere abroad, producers and other executives travel for months in order to find just the right locations. That’s how everything looks so perfect on the big screen, and everyone wishes they could be at those same places. Well, some people managed to spot some famous movie locations and, in some instances, recreate a scene.

Bright Side is full of big movie fans, and we hope that these 16 famous shooting locations will amaze you as much as they did us.

1. “I found the spot from this scene in the movie Gladiator while driving around Tuscany, Italy.”

2. It’s incredible how a real place can be turned into something this extraordinary.

3. “Had to visit the beach of the Janet reboot scene on our recent trip.”

4. “Strange things were afoot at a most excellent film location last night.”

5. “I celebrated my fortieth birthday staying at Tony Stark’s cabin.”

6. “Visiting Crash Landing on You film locations”

7. “I went to Dubrovnik and thought it’d be fun to compare some scenes from Game of Thrones to the filming locations.”

8. At the Porsche experience center in Atlanta

9. “I spent Christmas/New Year’s Eve week in the New Orleans area photographing nearly 200 filming locations.”

10. “In April of 2021, I visited the town of Brownsville, Oregon. It’s was the fictitious town, Castle Rock, from the 1986 film, Stand by Me.”

11. Another filming location in Atlanta

12. “I visited the house Tommy got whacked at in Goodfellas.”

13. “My friend recently visited a location in Scotland where Skyfall was filmed. This is the outcome.”

14. The Murder House from American Horror Story

15. “Visiting famous Chicago filming locations — The Dark Knight is first up!”

16. “I visited Albuquerque and many Breaking Bad filming locations.”

Have you ever visited a famous filming location? Did you try to recreate a scene that was shot there, or did you just take a picture of the scenery?


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