17 People Whose Halloween Costumes Can Absolutely Gain Attention

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It’s finally that time of year, the spooky season, when people all over the world are dressing up in scary and entertaining Halloween costumes. Children, teens, and even adults are ready to embrace the ominous costumes they had in mind. According to research, if you have an excited child dressed up for Halloween, then they are more likely to get extra candy. Don’t miss our bonus of cute pets who are eager for some treats.

1. “I transformed myself into Winifred Sanderson from Hocus Pocus.

Album Online/East News, © ManuelDAndrea / reddit

2. “Helen Sharp from Death Becomes Her

3. “My friend and I dressed up as Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy for an early Halloween party with just a bit of Photoshop.”

4. “A magician’s assistant sawed in half! Homemade Halloween costume, too fun!”

5. “This Pennywise Halloween costume”

6. “Father and son Halloween costume”

7. “Today has me a bit down so I did a makeup test for my Halloween costume to distract myself.”

8. “Here’s my Halloween costume I made even though I didn’t get to go anywhere with it.”

9. “Bought my brother a Gru Halloween costume as a joke.”

10. “Costume day at work! Also, I work in IT.”

11. “Dani and Christian Halloween costumes”

12. “Last year’s DIY costume — a weather reporter caught in a storm”

13. “My friend Andy always has the best Halloween costume ideas.”

14. “A father and daughter work together. This is their Halloween costume.”

15. “My uncle found a Halloween costume...of himself.”

16. “My daughter’s costume, Dani Dennison”

17. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly as Pam and Tommy.

Bonus: pets with Halloween costumes

1. “My cat’s Halloween costume”

2. “Kitty loved his new Halloween costume.”

3. “My friend from work and his dog dressed as Elliott and E.T.”

4. “When Halloween is celebrated via Zoom, you involve your pets.”

What is your Halloween costume this year? Are you celebrating the spooky season?

Preview photo credit meganfox / Instagram


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